Group DECA BELLE: 3 feminine and creative fashion brands!

The group DECA BELLE gets its inspiration in a family corporation with a human face and strong foundations which withstand time trial.

The story began in 1997 with the creation of the first DECA brand name which gives to each new collection a touch of freshness to the brand since 15 years, without actually giving up on its identity, resting upon originality, elegance, and comfort.


Established in 2007, the 3322 fashion brand complements DECA by proposing a top quality line of creations, enhancing femininity. Through this second brand, the customer is invited to explore new horizons. 3322 has already charmed a wide clientele in the international, national and local scales.

Its universe composed of refined, sophisticated and feminine designs call out to the “at work” contemporary woman. There are mainly tunics, jackets, a wide range of dresses and trousers, to come with this active woman for any time of the day and for any occasions.


In 2014, MC PLANET founded by Marion Muslin is taken over by DECA BELLE to give birth to MCPLANET by INNATE.

The brand DNA had been preserved to let the MC PLANET customer find itself again through our creations, but also let her discovering a revival which is in harmony with the spirit of the time. MC PLANET by INNATE is a varied dressing room made ​​of refined items, falsely wise for a definitely urban dress code, sportswear chic!

With its shared group culture, DECA BELLE succeeded, over the years, to play its cards right in an apparel market particularly competitive. Moreover, the corporation pays a specific attention to international market with the strong will to develop. Therefore, more than just giving satisfaction to French customers, DECA BELLE is also looking for the satisfaction of a wider public, in the European and international scales, where women adopt different styles.



Making no secrets of its willing to be in tune with the time, the group gives priority to teamwork with its 50 co-workers. From the desk where designers and model makers work on Julien Trang’s sides, invested and passionate artistic director, to the stores run by advisors who are truly in love with their work and embody the mind of our brands.

As DECA BELLE maintains a remarkable savoir-faire, the first outlines of the totality of our creations are made in France in the Parisian region. It is in the authenticity of this mythical workshop that, fashion designers, model makers, cutters and mechanics joint their skills to guarantee excellence. The most attractive and pleasant to wear tissues are selected in this workshop of style. From the drawings to the validation of the designs, via the cutting of the tissues, the conception of our designs are concentrated in just one and same location, where fashion professionals make a point of honor for the transparency and the effectiveness of their exchanges.

As it is essential to be able to follow the tailoring of each of the items, 85% of the production is made in Europe, including a big part of it in France, securing a high reactivity with our service providers. In our opinion, this proximity is the key for high quality clothes while keeping an optimal price-quality ratio.



As selling would be gloomy without a keen sense of customer relationship, DECA BELLE highlights quality advices. In our stores, our sales consultants invite the customer to get into the universe of our brands, and at the end, enhance her figure.



 Our 3 brands are represented all over France via a diversified distribution channel. The corporation has its own stores network which includes 3 stores in France, it favors proximity with customers sensitive to ready-to-wear of quality.   

To let our customers to have access to the designs of the group, our brands are also represented by more than 250 multi-brands retailers in France, but also in Europe and in the United States.