Le 4 novembre 2021

What is your body shape ?

Morphology is what defines the lines of our body. We alla have different bodies but have common characteristics. Our physical constitution depends on our genes but also on our environment and our way of life.

There are three morphotypes and six morphologies.

ECTOMORPH : You have an ectomorphic type of body shape if you are rather tall and thin with little musculature. You have long legs and arms and on the contrary a smaller upper body.

ENDOMORPH : You have an endomorphic type of body shape if your limbs are short and strong enough. You have well-developed muscles and a fairly wide back and generous forms.

MESOMORPH : You have a mesomorphic type of body shape if you have a long, wide upper body and long legs. You have fairly developed muscles with a slim waist.

To its morphologies are added morphologies and there are six of them.


You have an 8 or hourglass body shape if your hips are in the same alignment as the shoulders and a well-marked waist. In particular, you have rather generous shapes.

For pants, choose high sizes and cuts that are not too wide and bulky. If your legs are rather curvy and don't want to draw attention to them, you'd better avoid flashy, very bright colors and large patterns.

When it comes to tops, do not hesitate to play with the cuts by using fluid materials or close to the body without being too tight. The fitted tops will also suit you perfectly, to emphasize your waist.

If you like dresses, you can enjoy with the cuts as long as they aren't too wide or shapeless. You can mark your size by adding a belt

To complete your outfits with a jacket or a coat, prefer slim or fitted cuts!


You have an X-shaped morphology if you have the shoulders in the same alignment of the hips and a well marked waist. Unlike the figure 8, you are quite thin and have little or no shape.

Rather tall sizes will suit you perfectly because they will emphasize and mark your waist. In terms of shapes and materials, do as you see fit, everything will suit you!

If you don't want to accentuate your hips too much, it is better to avoid stockings with side pockets or very wide shapes that have volume at the hips.

At the level of the tops, you can indulge yourself in the cuts and the colors as long as the cuts are not too wide. In other words, tops that are too wide will not flatter your figure.

The same goes for dresses! All cuts that are not too wide will suit you. You can also accessorize them with a belt to mark the waistline.

For jackets and coats, cuts that are too wide and too square at the shoulders will not be to your advantage. Trench coats and fitted jackets are perfect!


You have an A-shape if you have hips that are wider than your shoulders.

Indulge yourself by wearing socks that are fairly fluid and not too short. Straight cuts will suit you perfectly. It is best to avoid very wide or very tight cuts if you do not want to draw attention to your lower body. Also prefer plain pieces rather than horizontal stripes and large patterns.

At the level of the tops, favor colors, patterns, shoulder pads and patterns. Choose those that will draw attention to your upper body.

In terms of dresses, abuse flared shapes and yokes at the top of the dress. All necklines will suit you: bustiers, boat neck, V neck, etc. Avoid dresses that are too tight or those that are pleated at the bottom.

And when it comes to coats and jackets, which pieces will flatter you the most? Everything that will structure your upper body! Bombers, jackets with epaulets, big collars, etc. Jackets and coats that are tight at the waist or too tight will draw attention to your hips.


You have a V-shape if your shoulders are wider than your hips. Your secret weapon is your legs!

At the bottom level, you can have fun with the low waists, patterns, colors and shapes. However, avoid masculine cuts like boyfriends or overly tight cuts as the focus will be on your upper body. For skirts you will like to wear pleated, ball, colored, flared skirts and many more.

For your upper body, favor dark colors, thick straps, fluid materials and rather straight cuts. Anything that will increase your build like shoulder pads will not be to your advantage.

As for the dresses, you can opt for cuts that will highlight your legs like asymmetrical and slit dresses.

Unlike the A-shape morphology, for coats and jackets, prefer ball shapes, with pockets at the hips to give volume and avoid too square shapes at the shoulders.


You have an O-shape if you have generous curves and shapes. Think nothing will suit you? Think again and have fun playing with the clothes.

As for skirts, choose those that have a shape and those that are structured, whether they are flared, straight or even pencils (not the tight ones on the other hand!). Opt for tall sizes and with flowing materials. As for patterns, small patterns and fine vertical lines will be your allies.

For pants, straight cuts, boyfriend, bootcut if you have long legs and cigarettes are perfect for you. To have a more elongated effect, choose tall sizes.

At the level of the tops, favor flowing materials, long tops and necklines. The big patterns, on the other hand, will weigh down your figure just like everything that is frilly, puffy cut and pockets.

As for the dresses, opt for flowing dresses, low-cut, with small patterns or even straight cuts and those that reach the knees. On the contrary, avoid dresses that are too large, have no shapes or patterns and details that will increase your build (turtleneck, large patterns, frou-frou, etc.).

And in terms of jackets and coats, which pieces can you go for? Cinched, straight cuts and mid-thigh lengths are your allies. The timeless trench coat will also suit you perfectly. Choose coats with patch pockets on the front rather than those with side or chest pockets.


You have an H-shaped morphology if your shoulders are in the same alignment as your hips but with little or no marked waist.

You will love to wear the printed, pleated, midi and low rise skirts. These cuts will sublimate your figure just like for the V body type. For pants, flared, carrot and straight cuts are perfect for you! You can have fun with the prints.

For tops, we can recommend flowing materials, flared and asymmetrical cuts, V necklines and kimono shapes.

What about the dresses? Treat yourself to skater, straight, open back and flare dresses. Fluid materials will be perfect to enhance your figure.

When it comes to jackets and coats, straight, flared and ball cuts are advantageous.

We advise you to avoid fitted cuts and anything that will weigh down your shoulders such as shoulder pads.