Le 8 avril 2022

The technical nature of our product

The more elements there are in a product, the more it is complicated and its realization is technical.

  • The laser cutting

Laser cutting is a manufacturing technique that allows you to make cuts using the hat of a laser. The laser beam will hit the fabric and heat it until it melts. It allows you to have a clean rendering and to have the shape of the cut that you want. The advantage is that it can be adapted to all types of products : on dresses, on pants, on jackets, etc.

  • Superposition of materials

The superpositions of materials makes it possible in particular to play with the transparency of the fabrics. For example, you can put a transparent veil over it with patterns underneath. This technique brings  originality to the products.  This technique also makes it possible to have a more elaborate product that is out of the ordinary. The layering combinations are endless : you can play with the materials, the colors, the layering of cuts and patterns ans let your imagination run wild.

  • Combination of materials

The mix of materials is quite complex because it is necessary to take into account the rigidity and the thickness of a fabric. It joins in a certain way the superposition of materials except that, unlike the latter, the mixture of materials is an addition of materials next to each other. According to the difference between the properties of the fabrics, the mix and match can refine the silhouette. The interplay of textures also gives an insight into the quality of the product.

Although products with a mixture of materials have many advantages, such as the creation of an original and very elaborate garment, the assembly of the different parts of the product can be more or less complex due to the different textures of the fabrics.