Le 30 septembre 2021

Small steps towards eco-responsibility ...

It's hard to talk about eco-responsibility and be legitimate when working in the second most polluting industry in the world, namely ready-to-wear. Today, we know that small gestures can help create more responsible fashion. Many brands like DECA want to make their contribution to helping respect the environment.

Most of the time, we order too many fabrics to produce a collection or quite simply, the cutting results in too many scraps. Often, this surplus is seen as unusable and is then put aside without ever being used or worse thrown in the garbage at the rate of several kilos or tons per year. Think again: this fabric can be redesigned and used. At DECA, every piece of fabric has a value. Some of these allow us to make additional parts when production was finished. Mixed with other fabrics, it can even allow us to make entire collections. Thus, we revalue each piece of fabric to give them life and limit our waste.


The flagship material of each of our collections is technical knitwear. So why not use the recycled version?

Since the Spring-Summer 2021 season, all our technical knit products are made with recycled materials. Moreover, you will find on the product sheet of the parts concerned one of the two logos.



The same goes for the recycled nylon that we use in some of our products. Nylon is a synthetic chemical material. Its manufacture is particularly polluting, consuming a lot of water and energy.

Using recycled materials significantly reduces water consumption for garment manufacturing, but we’re not telling you anything. They also reduce greenhouse gas emissions and at the same time use and reduce waste to make new raw materials.

For the seasons:

- DECA Spring-Summer 2021 0 100%

- DECA Fall-Winter 2021/2022

- MCP Fall-Winter 2021/2022 at more than 75%

The products are Made In France. This allows us to reduce the carbon footprint of our products but also to contribute to the French economy.

There is still a long way to go to become a 100% eco-responsible brand because it is not possible to change everything in a snap, but all the changes that we put in place as we go will allow us to achieve this goal.