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Boldness and creativity are the key words in the process of our creation. We offer 2 favorite styles that will sublimate you.

Lookbook Take advantage of the refreshing days to wear our seasonal looks

Khaki makes healthy appearance
No longer fear the cold
To be chic in winter
A perfect look for fall
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About us

The Deca label, an offbeat and original colorful style.

Daring and creativity are the keywords of the design process during which features imagination and surprise. The technical mesh, also known as “breathable microfiber”, is used nowadays as the signature material of many designs from DECA. Beyond the visible esthetic appeal, this material gives lightness, grace and elegance to the figure.

Other fine materials with remarkable qualities complete our designs: from the lace hairnet to the denim or the cotton veil, the idea is to propose outfits which enable women to feel comfortable while remaining feminine.

Through this will of offering exclusive designs, the workshop of style gives life to each collection by freshen up designs from DECA with new prints and drawings. These prints, chosen by our fashion designers with fineness, express our original and unexpected personality, to make women feel unique by wearing DECA!

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Dynamic lines, play of colors and cuts, fluidity of fabrics make up a set of silhouettes designed to dress the modern and urban woman.

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Colorful, surprising and innovative collections always in keeping with its identity where comfort, quality and originality mingle.

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Timeless collections that go straight to the point. Form and material playing between the simplicity of the volumes, the refinement of the fabrics and the details.

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